Do More in 30 Minutes!

The ESP technology can raise the hyo-laryngeal complex in the proper direction, as seen on the video. Combining ESP with an effortful swallow creates a more effective exercise by having the patient close the laryngeal vestibule, or airway, against an intrinsic resistance.

Research has shown that repetitive performance of this exercise leads to the following results:

  • Faster airway closure times
  • Improved speed, timing, and strength of a swallow
  • Decreased risk for penetration and aspiration

Kinematics of ESP

ESP is the only technology that can consistently initiate the anterior and superior motion to the hyoid and larynx which will affect the motions of the following swallowing structures:

  • Posterior tongue base retraction due to the tongue anchoring the hyoid during elevation
  • Retroversion or a tipping back of the epiglottis due the hyoid’s attachment to the epiglottis
  • Vallecular and pyriform sinus shallowing
  • UES relaxation
  • Eccentric contraction of the laryngeal vestibule eliciting a stretch reflex in attempt to increase more muscle firing

Research and Publications